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21 jahre später - the police live in hamburg

it's september 11. 2007, hamburg, germany, hsh nordbankarena and today is the day: the police is back after more than 20 years and starts touring germany right yet: live and with all three original members. kind people at flickr published the hamburg setlist here. since photographing was strictly prohibited and since photos taken by myself normally suck anyhow i didn't even try. may be those pictures can convey you a little impression, they are at flickr as well. touring international the police would be supported by the fratellis from glasgow, but in germany it's fictionplane. something special about this band is, their leadsinger, joe sumner, yes - guess by name, is the son of polices mastermind sting. he looks like him, moves like him, the band sounds comperable and is playing in the same, charakteristic line up (bass guitar, vocals / guitar / drums). not the worst choice for a police concert!

absolutely punctual at 8.10 pm, the concert actually was supposed to start at 8.30 pm, the police are entering the stage. sting seems to be fresh, relaxed, well trained and vital as always, stewart copeland looks a lot like he stuck into the 80's and andy summers looks a little like his own statue out of madme tussauds. not untill the half of the concert he looks up from his guitars fingerboard for a moment. so what, he still now how to play it! exept "beds to big without you" the police were playing all the hits and singles from their numerous "best of ..." compilations. i guess, this is exactly what you expect when a band like this comes back after more than 20 years without having new material. it was a pleasure to see police jamming and improvising instead of playing every song in the standart recorded before. what i always liked most about this band were the changes of tempo between verse and chorus, especially in songs like "roxanne", "so lonely" as well as "can't stand loosing you". unfortunately, this is something the band has lost a little over the years, the slower parts became longer, the fast parts became slower, so the concert was more about to listen then to mosh or pogo. after all, the concert was absolutely great. until the encore i had to miss my favorite police song "king of pain", therefore this was the first extra track they brought!

lucky to expirience one of the greatest and most  significant bands from the pre 70's hippie era live again!

support wanted!

hello native english speakers! how about my english in this section? if you see any mistakes or if there are things which could have done (written) better - and i guess there are - please let me know! learning from each other will help us all on! thanx for your support!

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feature: emily ovenden

actually, emily ovenden had to cut her teeth on art. her father, graham ovenden is a well known british architekt, painter, photographer and writer, her mother annie ovenden is a figurative artist and member of the "brotherhood of ruralists" network. thinking of this background, you possibly may understand, that mrs. ovenden recently is a member of three outstanding bands. may be the most well kown of them is mediaeval baebes. founded in the 90's by miranda sex garden singer katharine blake, the band which recently consists of five young ladys, is looking back on five regular albums, moreover a live, best of... and christmas album. the cause of the band, as the name would suggest, is medieval music, the vocalists use about 10 (!) different languages and particulary reinstate this times instruments. in berlin record stores, you find the band in the independent section, as well they could have been led as a classical orchestra. somehow like rondo veneziano, but quite cooler. their recent album "mirabilis" was published in 2007. the meiaeval baebes, who also contributed the music for the british "elisabeth 1st" documentation, are touring germany in november 2007.

lady ovendens next project is the band celtic legend, which was founded by mastermind chris payne in 2001 to resurrect "ancient dark age legends". first appeared the album and dvd "tristan and isolde", as far as i know with a different singer. in 2007 celtic legend is back with the album "lyonesse", companied by "the boatman EP" and emily ovendens unique voice. by the way, the artwork for a limited edition box of this album was designed by emilys mother annie. her engagement for this both project certainly can not stop emily from bringing a third project on its way right now: the gothic metal band phytia, whos name goes back to the legend of the oracle in delphi. exept for emily, there are two musicians of the band descent playing in phytia. i would propose everybody who is interested in good mystic, celtic and medieval music to take a look at the several internet presentations of all the projects. i guess you will like it, dudes!

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